DRONE CONNECTION Age 7-12: MAKE IT! Levels 1 and 2

Build you own drone with propellers and wheels and test it in the open air! Find out more...

Levels 1 and 2

Star Finders in the Swiss Alps Levels 1-4

On a mission to conquer the stars. Find out more...

Levels 1-4

FBI Mission—Reptiles and Orchids Levels 1-3

Become reptile experts by joining this FBI naturalist inventorying mission! Lizards, turtles, and (harmless) snakes, fasten your seatbelts! Find out more...

Levels 1-3

At Sea with the Giants Levels 3 and 4

Is an expedition to the southern seas an impossible fantasy? Dare to dream with the CETA'BIOSPHERE program and become a sentinel of the seas ! Find out more...

Levels 3 and 4

Star Finders Val d'Anniviers Levels 1-3

Conquer the stars! Find out more...

Levels 1-3

Tailing the Snow Leopard Levels 2-4

Would you like to participate in a tremendous protection project for an endangered wildcat? Do you love wildlife, adventure and travel? Then the (...) Find out more...

Levels 2-4

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