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10 and 15 days - Leadership and Excellence - Swiss AlpsLevels 2-4

Immersion Language Course: International Training Course on Excellence in English Further Details Levels 2-4

10 and 15 days - Leadership and Excellence - Swiss AlpsLevels 2-4

Immersion Language Course: International Training Course on Excellence in English Further Details Levels 2-4

Meetings of Excellence
Develop your capabilities
Leadership, management, coasching and personal development

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The summer camp “meetings of excellence” of Objective Sciences International was created on the observation, each year, of the incredible capacity and more striking youth who passed on our stays of scientific trips.

This course is intended for young people, students and teenagers wishing to prepare for life in business, NGOs, universities or major national or international institutions; they are coached towards their future status as young leaders. Through this training, the youth develop their leadership, their assertiveness and learn to improve their communication in order to achieve their professional and personal goals. An important notion is given to the Sustainable Evolution of society.

The stay

A great training trip to excellence organized in partnership with:
The NGO Objectif Sciences International
The Harmony office with Nature UN
The International Petition Rights of Mother Earth
The End Ecocide Initiative

Excellence? An original stay!
Do you have trouble expressing yourself in public?(public speaking makes you feel uncomfortable), memorizing? Is our world filled with information and you’re not sure which ones to trust? Do the debates on science Science La science est désormais l’affaire de tous. Découvrez la science d’une manière ludique et active. Nous vous proposons d’en découvrir plus sur nos expéditions à la voile, découverte du plancton. and nature seem to you sometimes biased by conflicting opinions? Is solid argument not your strong point?

Become better in communication, actively listening to others and writing presentations!
Finally know how to speak in public without stage fright and with a powerful message with or without a computer! Organize your thoughts and projects. Learn to perform an operational objective within a determined time, here are useful tools for the rest of your days, studies or not!

Discover exciting topics with information verification tools with other young people, Make connections between ground realities and international organizations, contribute to the protection of nature, and simultaneously have a real holiday in a natural setting. The center receiving you, organises all sorts of playful and sporting activities for the youth in attendance. The communal meals and daily life in the vacation are also an adventure.

This programme is based on the internal training programmes of excellence given within the NGO OSI, on the tools that our scientific educators are led to develop in their organizations, our scientific trips as well as the management techniques implemented within the NGO( well ahead of the classic world of companies or NGO’s).

Practical activities, themes and animation are adapted for young people. This internship, constantly updated, allows them to acquire the skills and the behaviors to succeed in a complex and constantly changing professional environment.

Adolescents and young adults who participate in this internship will leave with a new image of themselves based on the success of a concrete project actually carried out ... and a certificate that they can add to their resume or with which they can fill one or more school credits.

Moreover, the stay will be based on good humour and mutual pleasure.

The Meetings of Excellence provide participants with a learning environment that enables them to acquire key skills for their personal and professional development, including the design, preparation and animation of a final project. The stay will take place in a festive and relaxing environment, in an exceptionally natural environment.

This course for teenagers and young adults motivated to take charge of their future takes the form of workshops articulated with sports and cultural activities that will leave them with lasting memories and will be an opportunity for them to get to know each other better while being in contact with nature. Unforgettable evenings are organized with and by the participants!

This trip brings together competent members of the international association and active European members of the Objectif Sciences International network. It is overseen directly by the International Headquarters Office in close partnership with the Local Group Operations Directorate of the NGO in the country. The young people are in immediate contact with the top management of these structures dedicated to science Science La science est désormais l’affaire de tous. Découvrez la science d’une manière ludique et active. Nous vous proposons d’en découvrir plus sur nos expéditions à la voile, découverte du plancton. education and sustainable development. Its enough to say that this training course is of great quality!

True to the philosophy of Objectif Sciences International, the meetings of excellence program offers participants a project to be completed by the end of the internship. It is for the puspose of carrying out this project that they will follow the various workshops offered every day outside the time of rest or sports activities.

This seminar gives the relational keys that allow young people to better evolve and prepare to calmly enter the world of adults. Through the transfer of widely validated communication techniques, they will develop their skills in all situations (informal meeting, oral expression at school, presentation at the University, interview for an internship, speaking in groups, affirming their opinions, but also listening to each other!). With the winning methods, tools and behaviors, this training allows them to develop leadership and more self-confidence and will help to enhance their personality.

Challenges, courage and confidence: The effects of this internship are fast and lasting.

Various workshops will be available to participants during the course. Their distribution in time and content depends on the age group and the precise theme of the final project chosen by the subgroup. All these elements are guaranteed on the stay!

Self-control and stress management

- Speak more openly about your worries
- Apply simple principles to better manage your stress
- Mobilize your energy on positive actions
- Coaching and school accompaniment for middle and high school students
- Methodology of work
- Motivation and self-confidence

Key relational behaviors to better understand others and how to evolve with them

- Attitudes that facilitate the relationship “together” and make others want to help us
- Goal-setting and personal motivation
- Personal social responsibility
- Personal leadership abilities
- Ability to coach and motivate others (Leadership).
- Actions to be implemented in order to rally others more easily to our point of view
- Understanding the motivations of others
- Helping others move forward to help themselves
- Knowing how to give recognition
- Communication and assertiveness

Being clear and concise when speaking

- Being assertive when your opinion diverges from that of your interlocutor
- Analyzing nonverbal communication, body language
- Preparing your presentations (inform, convince, motivate)
- Knowing how to express yourself and communicate
- Team-building abilities to position themselves in working group

Feeling comfortable in the world of the Media

- * Being comfortable in front of a camera
- * Speaking without fear in front of a camera
- * Preparing to become a journalist
- * Preparing for the position of Scientific Journalist

Organization of a Round Table

This workshop will allow participants to organize their entire internship. The participants of the Meeting of Excellence will be the speakers or animators of the Round Tables on the final day; they will prepare and organize therefore being able to organize and animate themselves brilliantly at the end of the week with the people present (parents, educators, journalists and technicians of the field ...). Everyone will then contribute to and participate in the debates of the General Assembly of Participants.

- Points to control (check-list)
- Relations with the media
- Time management
- Before, During and After
- Organization of places
- Stakeholder Relations

Project Conduct

This other workshop will allow participants to organize their preparations and divide up the tasks to train and succeed in a project!

- Have a project procedure
- Make the project Management
- Make the project Conduct
- Theory and Structure of Projects
- Implement simple or complex projects
- Rearranging and other tools for success

Organizing and structuring your thinking

This session will allow participants to better understand how to make a quick and optimal decision and how to prioritize. They will also learn to know their own abilities which will help them know exactly what goal they want to obtain.

- Using and creating concept maps (mind maps)
- Differentiating efficiency and effectiveness, know how to join the two
- Organizing brainstorming
- Knowing how to keep a line of conduct and not deviate from the goal

Reporting results

The participants of the Meeting of Excellence will have learned during the internship to concretely argue their opinions, whether it is about logistical and educational topics or technical and scientific. These themes will then be addressed during a general retransmission. This workshop will give them the keys to be able to effectively communicate the results of their reflections, observations and research.

- Communicating orally
- Answering and managing the debates
- Making an effective visual presentation
- Writing a powerful summary
- Presenting an incisive and concrete poster
- Convincing of his ideas (logic of communication)

Veracity of information sources

In the workshop above, participants may need to cross-check their sources of information to make sure they are correct. This workshop will allow them to better organize the animation of the discussions at the round tables for which they will be responsible and this will help to gain more and more credibility with their entourage every day.

Notably :

- Knowing how to draw attention to the relevance of sources
- Wikipedia and collaborative tools (such as the NGO Intranet)
- Quoting sources and references
- Checking his/her data or have them checked by a third party who quotes reliable sources
- Validating his/her informants
- Leading the investigation
- Reproducing by oneself the cited experiences

Learning to learn

On a continuous basis over the 4 days but not in the form of a separate workshop, this fundamental theme will be the subject of regular debriefings with the participants.

Whether to take better advantage of the workshops given during this week, to better prepare the Round Table or to be more armed in the face of life (studies, work, family ...), this workshop will allow participants to optimize their learning abilities, which will then remain an advantage for life!

- Educational progression
- Learning places
- Getting to know each other better to learn better
- The 8 intelligences (multiple intelligences)
- Cultural obstacles to the exchange of information
- Cognitive aspects of human learning behavior
- Methods and teaching tools
- The role of sleep in learning

Organization of a Project at Objectif Sciences International

The active members and permanent employees of the Objectif Sciences International association organize and permanently set up new, complex and ambitious projects. This session will allow participants to understand how the NGO is organized and for what reasons specifically. This will strengthen their knowledge of existing organizations and give them additional references.

- The role of the NGO headquarters and its international collaborative organization chart
- Scientific Stay Centers and their executive teams
- Research and Education Programs
- Expeditions and Science Solidaire leave Missions
- Holidays stays
- Classes of Scientific Discoveries
- Design, work and monitoring documents

Un formidable séjour de formation à l’excellence organisé en partenariat avec :
L’ONG Objectif Sciences International
Le bureau Harmony with Nature de l’ONU
La pétition internationale Rights of Mother Earth
L’initiative End Ecocide

The research project

Here are several objectives that can be found at the heart of the training:

- *Developing confidence and self-esteem
- Being empathetic, that is, being able to better understand others
- * Communicating more effectively
- * Developing your influence in your circle of friends or in class
- * Better managing stress and some traits of his/her character
- * Organizing yourself, succeeding at your projects
- * Intellectual honesty, etc.

In order to benefit from all the wonderful contributions of this high-level internship, in a fun and pleasant manner, the participants carry out a report (written, radio, photo, video, or webography, at their choice) which will be to be distributed in all the languages ​​of the participants present, and in all their countries, with your signature as Author on the issue of the Rights of Insects and Ecosystems in general, and more generally, the Rights of Nature.

This report will be done in the field or in the laboratory, camera in hand or ... transported on DRONES that you will learn to drive during the times designayed for sports and the cultural activities of the day!

You will be trained in the project progress methodology and the concepts that underlie the draft Nature Rights Conventions. Back home, you will be able to create an OSI Local Group dedicated to the Rights of Nature and to meet the decision-makers and media of your country.

The landscapes of the Alpine mountains of Switzerland as well as the wild animals that live there need you for this stay “meeting of Excellence” dedicated to the Rights of Nature.

A Round Table organized by the participants on the final day of the internship, on the subject of study of the Rights of Ecosystems, will allow them to train themselves regarding the organization of such an event once back in their country.

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Concepts Learned during the Camp

Self-confidence - comfort zone - value of assets - definition of a goal to achieve, a clear vision - ability to mobilize to achieve the desired result - build strong relationships - leadership

Equipment Used

Videoprojector - Paper board - Post-It - MetaPlan - Brainstorming board - FlipChart - Posca Felts - Microphone - Speakers - Camera - Laptops - Tablets - Digital Cameras - Paper and Pencil Gray - Notepad - Personal Recorder - Blog - Personal WebSite

The location

The village of Saint-Luc is located in the Val d’Anniviers, a charming valley in the Valais in Switzerland. With these raccards and granaries Saint-Luc has a very particular architecture and is completely adapted to the constraints specific to the mountain environment.

The surrounding peaks rise above 3,000 m, 4 of which are above 4,000 meters! We can contemplate the Matterhorn, the most famous mountain in Switzerland. Geology is particularly rich in this valley, due, among other things, to the formation of the Alps. This place has experienced strong mining activity in the 18th century (copper, nickel, silver, lead). It will be possible to visit some mines with Objectif Sciences International. They are not tourist sites and thus remain natural sites to rediscover.

The setting is beautiful in summer and winter. Whether we’re looking out of the window or going for a walk, lakes, mountain passes, mountain peaks and meadows are breathtaking. There are still many glaciers, like the Moiry, at the foot of which we will camp in the summer.


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Day to day proceedings

You will have 10 to 15 full days depending on the duration of the course you have registered on, and as many evenings to advance your project and learn between participants of the same age with high level trainers. These qualified facilitators are either members of the NGO Objectif Sciences International or external contributors recognized for their professionalism and selected by the NGO on the basis of a validated partnership.

Several evenings (evening activities) are dedicated to having a good time, the last evening is entirely dedicated to participants and educators so that we take advantage of each other one last time before leaving the next morning. This last evening has a festive character to close the week and the successful finish of the project. All this promises beautiful festivities!

Sports and cultural activities

Throughout the course sports and cultural activities sessions will punctuate the days.

Sports sessions will be conducted in the wild in the spirit of relaxation and recreation and not in the spirit of competition. Moreover, young people who come to Objectif Sciences International do not generally appreciate the competitive spirit and make it know very quickly ... even though they are often sporty; Doing sports with ease is a real pleasure for everyone!

These sports activities carried out at the pace of each person will be an opportunity to get to know each other better and to learn how to manage one’s energy, ambition and real abilities; which represents a direct interest in the educational content of these Meetings of Excellence.
To be able to do sport and think effectively, you need good air, sun, water and ... a varied and balanced food, sufficient and especially delicious and natural!

These meetings of excellence will be an opportunity for the Center team to show its passion and inventiveness by creating a menu perfectly adapted to an intense week of intellectual and sporting internships.

In addition to the inevitably astronomical evenings for the interested parties, some evenings in the week can be organized in collaboration with the participants.
The shows or improvisation matches will be welcomed with pleasure if all are motivated. Obviously, the facilitators will ensure that each of these evenings is a success, but these Meetings of Excellence are also an opportunity for young people who wish to go to the other side of the mirror and prepare the evenings with their elders, to know all the tricks of a perfectly successful party.

Making the atmosphere good!

For young people who have already participated in the scientific holidays of the association, these Meetings of Excellence are also an opportunity to meet and share new beautiful experiences.

Participants who come for the first time will be integrated from the first evening when everyone projects their best photos on the big screen, followed by comments from each other. This is an opportunity to remember good memories in the spirit of friendliness.

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The team

The animators and the facilitators of this very exceptional stay are:

- * Scientific Educator of the NGO,
- ** with strong experience in the NGO
- ** with strong skills in excellence techniques
- * Team leaders in the NGO
- * Director or Operations Manager of the Local Group of the NGO in the Country of stay
- * Officers of the International Headquarters of the NGO
- * NGO partners (from End Ecocide on Earth networks, Rights of Mother Earth ...)

All are as exciting as they are appreciated by young people! Some are already known to many of our former participants.

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Thomas EGLI, Creator of the NGO Objectif Sciences International, Inventor in 2004 of the concept of Participatory Research Camps
Representative of Objectif Sciences International at the UN

"There are some useful and effective techniques and trainings that are given to professionals when they are 50 or older.It is not too late to change the world.
This course offers real nuggets to young people, additionally, in a format very stimulating to teenagers! "

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Our accommodation in the Val d’Anniviers is the Grand Hotel du Cervin. A magnificent hotel dating from the romantic Alps, it was built in 1883. Today it is classified as a historical building by the Valais. This hotel, located in the heart of Saint-Luc, offers a situation that allows us to easily access the slopes in winter and hiking in the summer. In addition, we have easy access to the Swiss Post bus which follows all the important points of the valley.

The interior of the Grand Hotel du Cervin has been regularly maintained since its initial construction, and has been renovated respecting the history and architecture of this place. We use four-bed rooms with two bunk beds in the children’s rooms, and one double bed in the parents’ rooms. This large building allows us to have many spaces for our activities, or just to hang out.

The meals are mostly typical, from Swiss mountain cuisine to Italian cuisine. We have a raclette and / or a traditional fondue each week.

Une fondue au fromage à 2 200 mètres d’altitude.

It is therefore in a friendly and warm atmosphere that we will live in this historic hotel, in the heart of the Swiss culture.

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Produced Documents

School Credits

The activities described allow each to acquire several competences registered in the public school programs (USA, Canada, Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium France ...).

Participation in this course allows to receive a certificate that lists the workshops, concepts and skills acquired by the participant and that certifies the total duration of his participation, including the number of hours, which is valid for Units of Values ​​or School Credits.

Since the meetings of excellence are carried out in accordance with the educational approach developed by Objectif Sciences International and in the form of educational projects, the participants always take great pleasure in the work they are doing and Acquisitions are always of high quality for those who voluntarily register for these courses.

This document allows the service responsible for teaching credits to assign one or more to the student. This is done each year for our participants whose home institution operates with a credit system, including scientific summer vacation internships that can count for the past or future academic year as needed. The final judgment is left to the credit committee in the institution but to date all students who have submitted these certificates have received credits in exchange.

Academic Credits

In the same manner as described above, the awarded certificate can be used to credit learning elements to the University. The final judgment is here also left to the credit committee in the institution but to date all students who have presented our certificates have received credits in exchange.

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