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  • Elementary School

DRONES FOR EXPEDITION : Constructing Drones


      Levels 1 and 2

      Build you own drone with propellers and wheels and (...)

    ECOLOGIS Camps

      • Architects of the Future

        Level 1

        Are you passionate about architecture? Do you enjoy (...)


        • DRONE CONNECTION Ages 7–12 Switzerland: LET IT FLY

          Levels 1-3

          Pilot drones and bring back never-before-seen photos (...)

        BIODIVERSITA : Studying Biodiversity

          • FBI Mission—Reptiles and Orchids

            Levels 1-3

            Become reptile experts by joining this FBI naturalist (...)

          • On the Lookout for Biodiversity

            Levels 1 and 2

            Let's be on the lookout for biodiversity in the heart (...)

          CETA’BIOSPHERE : Studying Dolphins and Whales of the Pacific

            • At Sea with the Giants

              Levels 3 and 4

              Is an expedition to the southern seas an impossible (...)

            Tailing the Lynx, the Wolf or the Bear (BIODIVERSITA Program)

              • Tailing the Balkan Lynx - Level 4

                Level 4

                A research trip to Montenegro for adults and families (...)

              ECOLOGIS: Architecture of the Future

                • Architects of the Future

                  Level 2

                  Are you passionate about architecture? Do you like to (...)

                PALEO: Dinosaurs and Paleontology

                  • Dino, reveal all your secrets!

                    Levels 1-3

                    Come hunt for dinosaurs like a true palaeontologist! (...)

                  PANTHERA : Snow Leopards

                    • Tailing the Snow Leopard

                      Levels 2-4

                      Would you like to participate in a tremendous (...)

                    UNIVERSE: Astronomy and Astrophysics

                      • Star Finders Val d'Anniviers

                        Levels 1-3

                        Conquer the stars!

Other Projects

  • Up Amongst the Trees - Level 2

    Do you like to climb trees and do you want to explore (...)

  • Up Amongst the Trees - Level 1

    You will be vertical, from top to bottom, but maybe (...)

  • Secrets of the Abyss

    Dive into the heart of the Iroise Sea. Obtain your (...)

  • FBI Mission - Raptors and Spring Flowers

    FBI for Fast Biodiversity Inventory: a Biodiversity (...)

  • Alpine Tracker

    New Year and February Special: snowshoeing on the (...)

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