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  • Geology, Astronomy, Physics...

GEOCLIM: Climate Emergency!

    • IceLand Lab' - Level 3

      Level 3

      Spend two weeks in the heart of one of the most (...)

    • IceLand Lab' - Level 4

      Level 4

      Science, discovering Iceland and hiking, all while (...)

    MINEO: Geology, Minerals, Crystals

      • Yellowstone

        Levels 2-4

        An English language course, specializing in scientific (...)

      • Volcano Alert

        Level 3

        In 2014 and 2015, campers were lucky enough to bear (...)

      UNIVERSE: Astronomy and Astrophysics

        • Star Finders Val d'Anniviers

          Levels 1-3

          Conquer the stars!

        Excellence Meetings: Practical training in excellence and leadership

          • Leadership - UN - 5 Days - Geneva Forum

            Level 2

            Learn about life and teamwork within the UN, the (...)

          • 10 and 15 days - Leadership and Excellence - Swiss Alps

            Levels 2-4

            Immersion Language Course: International Training (...)

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