Provence (France)


At Vercors and Devoluy, the different buildings used by the NGO Objectif Sciences International allow everybody to have a great time surrounded by wonderful scenery which will take your breath away... but there you will also get a huge breath of fresh air... and find a new outlook!

  • Dino, reveal all your secrets!

    Levels 1-3

    Come hunt for dinosaurs like a true palaeontologist! (...)

  • Up Amongst the Trees - Level 1

    You will be vertical, from top to bottom, but maybe (...)

  • Up Amongst the Trees - Level 2

    Do you like to climb trees and do you want to explore (...)

  • Fall FBI Mission: Insects and Mushrooms

    Levels 1-4

    FBI for Fast Biodiversity Inventory: a mission to (...)

  • FBI Mission—Reptiles and Orchids

    Levels 1-3

    Become reptile experts by joining this FBI naturalist (...)


    Levels 1 and 2

    Build you own drone with propellers and wheels and (...)

  • DRONE CONNECTION + 12 years old: MAKE IT

    Embark on the drone experience serving biodiversity (...)

  • Au Fil de l’Arbre - spécial chauves-souris!

    You like science and climbing trees? Do you want to go (...)

  • Des puces sur le terrain (Be In the Chips)

    Levels 2-4

    Come work with information technology and electronics (...)

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